From the world of
National Geographic to your home.

Nat is a powerful little robot loaded with the National Geographic Kids content your family loves. Using conversation and projection, Nat smoothly navigates a world of topics ranging from wild animals and geography to scientific discoveries and ecology. Your kid can intuitively explore their world every day with Nat!

Nat is easy to set up and use

Tailor content to the subjects your kid loves, and use real-world details to help Nat better explain facts about size and distance. Recieve reports on what your child is learning, including the sources that Nat uses for its facts.

Your kid can start learning right away. A few simple key words are all your kid needs to ask Nat questions about the natural world.

My two girls don’t go a day without asking Nat at least 100 questions. It’s like having a cute pet who knows everything.

— Sharon, Omaha

Nat is why conversational learning toys were invented. Kids are no longer bound by pages; they can follow their curiosity naturally and learn things they might never come across otherwise.

— Wired Magazine

Nat makes natural science relatable in an entirely new way. The level of empathy that kids can gain in interacting with Nat could save the world.

— LA Times

Invite Nat Geo into your home.